The deliverables allocated to the 4 Subtasks will be:

Subtask A: Concepts for Efficiently Providing Solar Heat at Medium-High Temperature Level

  • D.A1 Report for activity A1 and A2: Comparison of different collector technologies especially considering medium-high temperature heat and best practice examples
  • D.A2 Report for activity A3: Analysis of existing simulation tools for the simulation of medium-high temperature SDH systems, if necessary, creation of a new easy to use calculation tool
  • D.A3 Report for activity A4: Performance and efficiency measures for efficient SDH systems, especially considering medium-high temperature heat D.A4: Subtask report with management issues

Subtask B: Data Preparation & Utilization

  • D.B1 Report for activity B1 & B2: Efficiently gather/store/distribute data together with validation measures
  • D.B2 Report for activity B3: Techniques for analysis, monitoring and fault detection of data
  • D.B3 Report for activity B4: Comparison of state-of-the-art and advanced control strategies on sub- (component level) and superordinate level (=system level)
  • D.B4 Report for activity B5: Open data approaches
  • D.B5 Subtask report with management issues

Subtask C: Business Models

  • D.C1 Report for activity C1 & C2: Overview of financing and investment schemes and possible new business models
  • D.C2 Report for activity C2: Standards and quality criteria for planners and designers of SDH systems
  • D.C3 Report for activity C4: Measures and possibilities to reduce the costs of SDH systems
  • D.C4 Subtask report with management issues

Subtask D: Use Cases and Dissemination

  • D.D1 Report for activity D1: Overview of efficient SDH systems especially providing medium-high temperatures
  • D.D2 Report for activity D2: Future scenarios and targets for the solar sector
  • D.D3 Report for activity D3: Industry workshops
  • D.D4 Report for activity D4: Factsheets for industry and public regarding the task outcomes
  • D.D5 Subtask report with management issues